Digital-First Experiences to pave the way to the future of connected healthcare in Southeast Asia

Patient-centric digital experiences will enable growth with 66% of Southeast Asians preferring remote, video-call consultations with medical professionals Region’s healthcare ecosystem needs to build a more robust digital foundation to accelerate innovations as Southeast Asians embrace technologies that detect anomalies better than human doctors (55%), conduct invasive surgeries via remote robotics (54%) and provide more […]

27 September 2021

Executives Need a Deep-Fake Defense Strategy

by Mr. Darin Stewart, VP Analyst Gartner Inc In March 2019, the CEO of a U.K. energy firm received an urgent call from his boss, the chief executive of the firm’s parent company in Germany. The German CEO instructed his subordinate to transfer €220,000 to a supplier in Hungary. The transfer of funds was urgent […]

15 September 2021

Personalized yet sustainable experiences will redefine the new retail playbook in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s shoppers are taking the digital leap with 41% of respondents to a survey indicating that they are not missing regular shopping in-store as much Southeast Asian consumers increasingly prefer shopping with retailers that already know their personal preferences (54%), embrace virtual technology (63%) and artificial intelligence (70%) Sustainability has also become a key […]

9 September 2021
Franklin Templeton

Southeast Asia’s Internet Economy: On a Fast Track

Conditions have been ripe for Southeast Asia’s e-transformation, and COVID-19 has acted as an accelerant, according to Claus Born and Yi Ping Liao of Franklin Templeton’s Emerging Markets Equity team. They see three secular growth opportunities that stand out for investors:  e-commerce, fintech and gaming. COVID-19 has fast-tracked internet adoption in Southeast Asia, similar to […]

9 September 2021